"The show is entertaining, the jokes are funny and the references to the current political mess of a climate are what gives this show its comical spark."

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Those who don't know history will be doomed to repeat it in the new political comedy Trumpus Interruptus: The Impeachment of Donald J Trump. After secrets from a closed-door meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin leak, an already besieged White House unravels further into chaos. With the Oval Office in lockdown, Donald Trump and his most trusted advisor, Jared Kushner, fight to hold on to a presidency spiraling out of their control. There may be high crimes. There may be acts of treason. But Lordy, there will be tapes!




Nate McLeod

(Jared Kushner, Vladimir Putin)

Nate McLeod is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and an aspiring writer and comedian. He enjoys singing, dancing, and writing about himself in the third person. Critics have called him “Bo Burnham, but less funny and more gay" and "Tilda Swinton with a head cold". Nate enjoys being the center of attention and often milks injuries for sympathy. Over 84 people signed his cast, and that's two more than Sarah Pilgram, even though her cast was twice the size. Nate is beyond thrilled to make his Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut playing a mashup of Jared Kushner and Vladimir Putin in Trumpus Interruptus: The Impeachment of Donald J Trump.


Zach tomasovic

(Author, Donald Trump)

Zach is a slightly less recent (but still pretty recent!) graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he wrote and performed in America’s oldest all-male musical comedy group, The Mask and Wig Club. His credits include “Man 1 and Man 1” in a Los Angeles- based mirror manufacturer’s commercial. Zach is looking forward to playing Donald Trump and making his Edinburgh Fringe debut, but is really not looking forward to the intense regimen of KFC Original Recipe® buckets, tanning beds, and 4th grade reading that is required for the role. He looks forward to the hopefully near future when Trumpus Interruptus: The Impeachment of Donald J Trump is no longer a fictional portrayal but rather a historical reenactment.


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